Posted by : lara 10.28.2009

The future needs a big kiss

Future Needs a Big Kiss - Journal Pages

...not a fan of the song, but love this line in it. I've been wanting to do something with it since the first U2 show in New York.

Here's this months layout for the gauche alchemy circle journal.
The theme of this one is "vintage bling" and i have to admit i was stumped almost all month! But with the deadline of Nov 1 looming i pulled it together and tried some new techniques. I'm pretty happy with the outcome! And it's something i would normally not do, but it still has me in it :) The size of each page is 8"x 8"

Future Needs a Big Kiss - Left Journal Page

OK, one of the cool things I've discovered is wax paper will adhere to other paper and I've been using sheets of wax paper i've used under and between projects - when glued over the top of something it makes a cool almost beeswaxy but with muted paint effect. For this I put it over a thin children's book page that otherwise tears too easy because it's so old - YAY! It preserves and looks cool!

Macro Big Kiss

To add some additional color and texture and lines i adhered some sewing pattern pieces on to the pages too. And then the title is a package tape transfer! Don't ask me the font ... can't remember ;)

Macro Flower on Circle Journal

The flower is made from ribbon odds and ends, mesh fabric, gold punch waste and vintage buttons. I didn't have any thread so i used wire :)

Future Needs a Big Kiss - Right Journal Page

I super like this page - it's just something different for me. As i said i was having difficulty being inspired by "vintage bling" and i knew i wanted to use the u2 lyric - somehow by great fortune my supervisor at work wanted to show me where all of our archived clip art cd's are (along with print samples) and i saw this CD called "Adobe Image Library - Yesterday's Lifestyles" and went through it and found a couple of kitchsy images mixed in with mostly the scary "nuclear family" images. Four pieces of packaging tape later - and voila! The bitch is on the page!

5 Responses so far.

  1. Vel says:

    I love this! You can see so much on this page with the layering of colors.

  2. Joyce says:

    Lara, you did awesome.

  3. cynthia says:

    Hi I saw this over at Sis Tv and it is amazing:) just had to visit to see the process:) wow, complete art.

  4. Maggi says:

    Yikes, sorry my theme gave you such a block! lol But the end result is stunning, I can't wait to see it in person! Thanks for leaving your mark in my CJ and for the tip about wax paper! :D

  5. lara says:

    maggi - i'm learning more and more the things that aren't the easiest are usually yield the best results!!!
    Thanks! :)

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