Posted by : lara 10.26.2009

Tastes So Good - Art Journal

Did a spread for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal "T" Prompt. T was supposed to stand for "Tasty" but since that is semi-related to food, and seeing how horrible a time lately i've been having with my relationship with food, i just journalled about my emotional eating then found a quote, i believe from Buddha, about it.

I discovered something SO COOL i could do with wax paper on this one!!!!!
I use wax paper to paint on so my table doesn't get dirty. I also put it between pages when i'm working so nothing drips on the pages i don't want it too - so i had a couple of sheets of wax paper with some paint on it - i took gel medium and put a thin coat over the journalling then pressed the wax paper over it and let it dry - and voila! a Semi-obscured page with some paint.

Also i used packing tape transfers - i've given up on trying to use gel medium to create a transfer, which would be much cooler than tape, but whatever i do it never ever works. So, tape it is!

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  1. Jingle says:

    This is fantastic! And, I do understand that struggle.

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