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Human vs Spirit vs Soul

Art Journal Entry inspired by challenge blog Gutter Girlz and U2 lyrics and TONS of found objects from my scrap drawer.

The topic of this challenge is "Tender. Human."
For some reason I was having so much trouble coming up with a layout idea because every time i thought of the word "human" i thought of the word "soul" which in turn made me think of U2 (ok, fine what doesn't make me think of U2 these days?) which in turn made me think of the song "Elevation" and how every time i get to experience that song live (which is 7 times now, I guess?) it catapults my soul out of my body and i don't feel like i am in a physical human body anymore. Jumping and singing "ooohhh hoooo" with 60,000+ people is absolutely electrifying! At this point I'm thinking I should rename my art journal "u2 lyric journal" but.... yeah... heh.

So, i went with the lyric and gathered some found objects since i've been cleaning out all my art stuff in preparation of purging for the move.

Human vs Spirit vs Soul - Texture

• The green background is this canvas that the creative team at my work used for a presentation recently and i said "don't throw those scraps away!!!!" so they gave them to me.
• The caution tape comes from the meadowlands parking lot in new jersey (what trash?),
• the screen is still yet more screen from my old back porch,
• there's a sticker under there you can barely see that has two red arrows and says "this way up" that a friend of mine who works in a warehouse gave me a roll of,
• the dragonfly came from some swap or kit that i never thought i would use cause i thought it was kinda cheesy AND
• the text comes from an old old old children's story book i've been holding onto to scared to cut into but i finally dove into it last night and was tickled pink to find this story about a little airplane afraid to fly and the paper is so fragile and smells so ... old.
• Oh and my handwriting is on electrical tape!

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  1. Joyce says:

    Hi Lara, thank you for sharing where you got your treasures! Just got home from our yearly physicals and I came away with the white textured lap sheet after making sure it was okay and I tore off one side of the shoulder from the gown, have the plastic string also, have all ten of those little cardio sensor thingys to play with.The first thing we did after leaving the doctors office was head to McDonalds so I think I'll keep the ephemera from that as well. I think I'll head on over to Gutter Girls and see If I can do the challenge. I think its interesting how and where and when we find our treasures. Happy happies.

  2. Vel says:

    I love this...especially the torn caution tape and the screen from your porch.

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