Posted by : lara 12.14.2009

i somehow forgot to post this present I made for my dad's birthday!

for dad, mixed media

I started with a box that my new Magic Mouse was shipped in and gesso'd the heck outta it! Then i layered on a couple of different types of text and music and over that put one of my new favorite tools - wax paper with paint. The image over that is a drawing i drew of my dad, like, um, 20ish years ago (thank god my mom kept a scrapbook of her own!) and scanned it into my computer then printed it out and made a packing tape image transfer of it (tutorial to come one of these days).

dominos and hardware

Around the inside edges of the box i glued down different little pieces from the Gauche Alchemy mixed media kit elements and various pieces of hardware i collected. And i discovered the BEST adhesive i have used yet from the Gauche Alchemy store: Omni-Gel Transfer Medium!

hardware macro

I have yet to use it as a transfer agent, but as an adhesive it ROCKS!!!!! WOW it holds all that on upside down and stuff!

hardware macro

The background matte is made of my other favorite technique - duct tape and acrylic paint

duct tape and paint macro

He liked it :)

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  1. Maggi says:

    That is SO awesome! And the childhood drawing you added was the best touch ever! I'm going to need a class on your duct tape/paint technique. lol I love the effect!

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