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Not a Secret - Gutter Girlz

"Not a Secret" layout inspired by the latest prompt at
Lyrics from "The Fly" by U2.

The background is scrapbook paper i never thought I'd use because they were "too pretty" but i've discovered doing this layout that pretty can also become pretty grungy - which i find delicious! Soooooooo .... i cut and re-pieced together two sheets of paper and some sheet music, sprayed on some glimmer mist and stamped and dripped gesso AND white ink.

Background - Gutter Girlz

I like how the back of the duck tape that I used to re-piece the paper shows through - that was a pleasant surprise :)

The photo is heavily processed in Photoshop - darn that Rachel at One Year in the Life of an Art Journal that recently issued a prompt involving photo effects :-p Now I can't stop!!!

Framing the photo I used two Pantone swatches. These are used in printing to specify ink colors. When both me and my friend April worked as graphic designers we would occassionally email each other and be like "today is a PMS (Pantone Matching System) 201 day" or "i'm feeling really PMS 2747 today" and we soooooooo knew what each other was talking about!!! hahahahahaha

Flower - Gutter Girlz

Lastly I made this little flower with some ribbon scraps and a brad - I put some wire between the layers (cleverly hidden) to make the flower poofy!

5 Responses so far.

  1. Thanks so much for the tips!!! Your work is so amazing!

  2. Vel says:

    OMG that bg is fabulous! I'm with you on the "too pretty" stuff but you rocked it!

  3. lara says:

    Thanks you guys :)
    Vel - glad you get the too pretty thing - now i look at pretty and see how i can make it not so pretty in a pretty way!

  4. Virginia says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Lara - I love all your things, loving how you're managing to use 'pretty' but making it grungy - awesome stuff!

  5. I'm loving this Lara! I had to giggle seeing the Pantone swatch, I am a Quality Facilitator in a box factory and I know them well. ;)
    Much LOVE

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