Posted by : lara 5.13.2010

I compiled all the 365 photos into one document which looks like this:

2010 in Photos so Far

That's Jan 1, 2010 in the upper lefthand corner and April 30, 2010 in the bottom righthand corner - and believe me the math to make all that line up nearly split my brain in two....

OK, so the prompt right now at Dirty Scraps is "Facts of Life" and if nothing the last 4 months has taught me is that life, especially this adult life where you're completely responsible for yourself and wellbeing is full of ups and downs and all arounds. Granted, i think i've had a couple of extreme downs, but still....

I wanted to find a way to incorporate all of these photos with the journalling so i came up with this 12x12 layout which uses a hidden panel, if you will, to hide the journalling (and the metrics of this also almost broke my brain!)

Dirty Scraps Challenge #9

The background is cardstock that i first put some sewing patterns on then glued wax paper i'd been using to protect my table from paint. Then I cut the photos into squares and made different levels

Dirty Scraps Challenge #9

Then i used a brad to adhere the panel i was going to use to hide the journalling so it would swing back and forth - on the opposite corner there's a little pin that also holds it in place

Dirty Scraps Challenge #9 Macro

And finally the journalling:

Dirty Scraps Challenge #9

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