Posted by : lara 11.12.2013

It seems for the last 3 years i've been trying to find the right drippy tool. I've tried fluid acrylic, acrylic with water, watercolor, glimmer mist, and now ink... and i think i found it. Love the ink drip! I also put them in a mini-mister with water for spray.

The quote on this heart is from an old techno song a friend once put on a mixed tape for me circa 1992 that i recently uncovered. I cant find that song on Spotify or itunes, but it does exist on youtube.

OK, this was another big test for me. I've been trying to find the perfect image transfer technique for years and years (i'm sure more than 3). I've tried transparency and tape, amongst others, and those get the clearest transfer however i hate the shininess of them. It occurred to me the other day, i could use transparency but then put one layer of white tissue over the entire page to unify the image!!! It worked way too well. Especially since transparency aint cheap to print on! The added bonus was dripping ink-water on it and getting those cool drops that absorbed into the tissue!

This last one is just playing with shapes and texture. Oh yes, boys and girls, i've discovered the wonderous world of stencils! The background of this page was from using it as a paint palette during other projects.

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