Posted by : lara 1.28.2014

This art journal page was a prompt from LifeBook 2014 that i am participating in. The prompt was to choose 3 materials i like and use my word for the year. This page turned out pretty awesome but it was a long time coming! Truth be told i almost threw it away 4 times because of that damn background. I went way overboard adding things to make it better and my final attempt involved a technique i don't do often at all - taking some baby wipes and just rubbing the shit outta it to see what disappears. And apparently that really did the trick because it turned out very visually stimulating.

My three things are the sheet music, punchinella and burlap. Also on there for visual strength is paper towel i soaked in pink paint, washi tape holding some tears together i made by mistake trying to distress the edges and, of course, letter beads with grommets and floss.

Apparently i was attracted to green this last week after my stretch of orange love. This background was made by a couple of different layers of greens and golds and stencil used with molding paste. It's very very 3D and fun to touch.

After my first successful fail with the baby wipes i attempted the same type of background again, and again it looks AWESOMEness. I've been exploring the concept of fear ALOT in this art journal and this quote really seemed to work with the chaos of the background and what it represents in my head. i added the flower on there to break it up with some peace and stillness.

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