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In the 1990s Adam Yauch would constantly appear in my dreams. I was obsessed with Beastie Boys and he was the one who would always visit my subconscious.

They were never sexual, it was always us just talking. I wrote him a letter explaining the dreams and he wrote me back and eventually we met briefly.

When he passed two years ago, that night he visited me again for the first time in years, and it woke me up and I swear I felt someone squeeze my feet.

Lady night he visited my subconscious in dreamland again. we were walking around a park and he wanted to know why I was following him and I said I had no interest in sex, just talking.

So we decided to go on a little road trip and before we left in the car he grabbed a ladder and put it on the roof.

That's about when I woke up surprised and so happy to have dreamt about him again.

The ladder seemed so significant as it was completely out of place so I looked it up on the google dream interpretation. 

To dream of climbing a ladder symbolizes a step up in terms of accomplishments and greater consciousness. A ladder may likewise suggest that you evaluate and observe situations from a different angle. Alternatively, it symbolizes contemplation and prayer. You are reaching greater heights in reference to your spirituality. 

This interpretation delights me! I have always claimed Adam as a spiritual leader of mine and in addition the last year or so I have been working hard and conciously on my spiritual growth and soul. This dream kind of gives me confidence I am on the right track!

This weekend I'm in N. Carolina taking a weekend workshop with Anna Dabrowska. 10 hours making art must have not only been good for my soul but something I really needed for my well being!

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  1. This is positively gorgeous!

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