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Work Table Sept 2014

Seth Apter over at The Altered Page challenged his readers to post photos of their workspace to show that artists get down and dirty - for me, that's where the magic is!

My art table is my old kitchen table because it's waist high - I like to stand when i work because i move around alot, whether it be dancing, lip synching or just reaching for the myraid of materials i have all around the room (not pictured). It's cool i don't have a kitchen table anymore...

I like taking photos of my workspace periodically to document the tools and materials i am obsessed with at the time. I suppose this one illustrates well my obsession with the Gelli Plate and my art journal - it's pretty much all i can do these days. Also love me some stamps, sprays (there's Glimmer Mists and Dylusions) and stencils.

But, yeah, i need to be in a pretty dirty space to create. When it's pristine and clean i don't know which way to go!

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  1. I'm like you . . . if my workspace is too clean I get blocked creatively.

  2. that page on your desk looks full of fabulous... great space...xx

  3. I like standing too, nice gelli work. What fun. xox

  4. Lovely peek and the journals look fab!

  5. I am using a vintage kitchen table too. It was a bear to bring up the stairs but worth it.

    I have heard much about the gelli plate but haven't tried it yet.

    Thanks for the peek into your space:)

  6. I really like the look of your space - thanks for sharing!

  7. I also stand when I work, but my table isn't as large as yours, so I have trouble finding space to dry things if I have more than one thing going at a time. Thanksf or sharing your space.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What an excellent shot of your uncensored work table! Loved it! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a creative week! :)

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