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Charo - Dirty Scraps

I made this layout inspired by the prompt #4 at Dirty Scraps - "In Your Eyes".

After Charo passed Feb 5 I couldn't do anything creative. I really wanted to create a "grief journal" but couldn't even force myself to grab a pen and write. I took out dozens of photos of her to make a little mini-book but couldn't figure out how to put them in. But, I knew for me personally, creative therapy is really the best therapy and when i saw this prompt I knew what I wanted to do for it.

The photo I used I have all around me - on my phone, desktop, wall... it really captures Charo perfectly and i constantly find myself looking into the eyes of the photo because that's what I used to do with Charo all the time. Many dogs (and some humans :-p) don't have much going on behind their eyes, but she did - a deepness and connection.

Charo Matte Macro

I created this layout using my newfound technique of creating texture with acrylic paint and gesso. Then i also grabbed some supplies from my new favorite kit from Gauche Alchemy - Wholey Sheets Mixed Media Kit.

Charo Macro

I am so in love with plastic canvas - the options are limitless!!! Here I used it as a frame with no backing so you can see through it!!!!! And I also used some of the screen from the kit, spray painting it a little to give it a red hue.

Charo Macro


in your eyes
i never felt alone
you touched a part of me, that no one,
human or animal has touched before -
made it all warm and gooey and full of love
in your eyes
i saw the purest of unconditional love,
no matter what i did,
no matter how shitty the choices i made were,
no matter how depressed or anxious i was,
you looked at me with nothing but love,
in your eyes
i saw the reflection of who i wanted to be,
strong, sassy, passionate, independent, silly...
more than once you gave me a purpose
to keep on trudging through life,
so i could look into your eyes
i never took a minute for granted with you
always kissed you good morning
and snuggled you good night.
my greatest fear was
not having enough time with you,
and we didn't.
rest in peace my baby girl...
i will never forget the way you looked at me,
the way you fed my soul.
you will forever be in my eyes.

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  1. Carmen says:

    This is just beautiful you really did her justice.

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