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Muse Odyssey (Road Trip)

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THE SONG: The Climb by Miley Cyrus

I saw Muse a couple of weeks ago and all of these memories of the trip I call "Muse Odyssey" came flooding back. (for a looooonggggg memory of that, i posted this several years ago at my blog Muse Recap)

Map Macro

The layout background is 2 maps cut up and pieced back together to form a 12x12 paper.
There's a couple of layers because i kept trying stuff i didn't like and then pasting more map pieces over what i didn't like :) Kind of like a Clt-Z key :)

Invincible Macro

In the lefthand corner are lyrics from a favorite Muse song, Invincible, that are a tape transfer.

Muse Key Macro

The faux frame is made up of scraps from the Gauche Alchemy kits - Wholey Sheets and Punchinella

Also used the Punchinella with ink as a stencil for the circles and stars :)

4 Responses so far.

  1. Carmen says:

    This is seriously fantastic! I love it to bits!

  2. This is so wonderful Lara. So many yummy layers and textures as usual. :)
    Much Love

  3. i love this page soooo much you rock!! thanks for your comment!! I just used some guiness bottle caps, a circle punk and sticker thats it i havent played with resin yet tho i wud love tooo....

  4. SarahLP says:

    This is amazing... so beautiful, Lara.

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