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For the challenge #6 at

Challenge #6
I know we all have those moments when we say
"Man I was totally wrong what was I thinking??" or "Where was my head??"
It is always a good thing to look back...reflect on a mistake or lesson learned and remember how we got here in life and how that mistake or lesson helped us move along.
After all what good are mistakes if we do not learn from them?
So this week's challenge is to scrap one of those DOH! moments!
It does not have to be negative, it can be a positive outcome, or great lesson learned...

The prompt kind of lead my head through all the horrible decisions I've made over the last two years and how their outcome has completely broken me down and i have surrendered to the universe. I'm exhausted and tired of fighting for sanity and happiness and just in a fetal position mode these days. C'est la vie.

It's actually a pretty simple but stunning layout in person - I used a sheet of paper I've been using as a acrylic paint palette on and off for about three years - cut it up and put it back together with a piece of upholstery fabric.

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  1. Valencia says:

    Stunning result and a clever way to use your resources .Know what you mean about learning lessons in life I know I have made some daft decisions but we do tend to learn from them and like you say it helps us to move on. Love it a gritty piece.

  2. SarahLP says:

    Lara... i hope you're ok.. i can't tell you how much this has given me a jolt. Sending you a big hug xoxo

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