Posted by : lara 10.26.2008

Another "art therapy" layout.

It's inspired by the 5th Prompt at The Creative Type. The challenge is to fill in a shape with words - i used Photoshop to fill in the dark shadows of my face with words from the journalling that I typed into Don't be surprised if you see alot more layouts using Wordle - HOLY CRAP that site is waaaaaayyyyy too addictive!

Stop up Close

Background is layers of tape, scrap paper and pieces of my old screen door with tons of black and blue acrylic paint. The painting was almost more therapy than the journalling :)

The title, Stop Control, were from two words that I seem to keep repeating to myself alot lately. They mean something so different independent of each other AND put together. I seem to keep telling myself to "stop" stuff - stop being irrational, stop being depressed, stop eating like shit and i also keep telling myself to "control" myself - my emotions, my eating, my life.

But when put together, "Stop Control" - if i actually try to stop controlling my self I might be easier on myself and therefore less anxious and overwhelmed. Sometimes giving up a little control is actually good, right? Right....

I also realized when i was done that this layout is virtually entirely black and white. I didn't mean to do that, it just happened. But I think its interesting because I've been so depressed lately that most of my life has been living in black and white. Grey or color areas not only confuse and overwhelm me (i.e. details) but i just can't see them. The little bit of blue I used is the color starting to poke through - I'm definitely emerging back to life these days!

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